How do you make the images?

The White House, Tel Aviv - 1992

The White House, Tel Aviv - 1992

I take pictures with a medium format camera, usually loaded with slow speed slide film. The resulting slides are 2-1/4" x 2-3/4" which are about 4 times larger than 35mm negatives. I scan the slides at 3200 to 4000 Dots Per Inch, or DPI, to create digital images that contain between 50 and 90 million picture elements or megapixels. These 50-90 megapixel images have 10 times more detail than the 5 megapixel image from a typical digital camera. For an example of a big image, click here. For an example of medium format at ASA 1600, click here.

In comparison, the other images on this web site are less than half a megapixel. The web site images you see here, which look pretty good on a computer, have 100 times fewer picture elements, or details, than my large digital images. I go to a lot of effort to capture the images, lugging my large, heavy, manual camera, several lenses and a heavy duty tripod around the globe, just to make large giclee prints. I personally scan the images, manipulate them with digitial imaging software and print them out on my own 7 color printer in sizes up to 24" x 40".


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